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Bob Porto is a builder. I received a call from my Banker in September 24,2008. I was told that if I didn’t make my interest payment at the end of the month, my note would be called! I was not used to being threatened by my banker so I said do what you have to do and I did not make the payment. Soon after my note for over $300,000.00 was called. Long story short I was informed that this bank was below their Tier 1 level and needed as many “bad” notes as possible for this bank to look as bad as possible to receive as much bailout money as possible! This is what made me an Activist!!!

I see our Country being turned away from Capitalism to Socialism. After what happened to me is happening to so many others in one way or another.

Main Street is not on the radar of this Administration. Until we see Main Street / small business being funded we will continue see job losses.

Fix Main Street!!


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