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Proof of Fraud on Main Street, Next Health Care

Most of you who follow me on Facebook, know I am yelling as loud as possible about the Free Market, and Capitalism is under attack and Main Street is not getting money to create jobs and hire people. As we find this Administration doing so many bait and switch on the people in oder to gain our power from us “we the people”! Now proof of what I have been yelling for so long.

Some of you remember that a bank I have done business with for years, called a note of over $400,000.00. This happened last September, I found out the reason for this called note was because this bank was below their tier 1 level and needed bailout money so they called as many loans as possible to look worse to get more tarp money. I was a victim of this action. I called and talked to both of my US Senators. Senator Lincoln fielded my call and we talked for over 30 minutes about my circumstance. I even talked to her staffers, nothing came from this call other then she believed that the money was intended to keep business running during these hard times, Well I told her it was not happening and I would be the poster child if need be, put me up in front of the banking committee and use me as proof. Side note here. I am not pleased this happened to me personally, I don’t like airing my business dealings but if I don’t how will others see what is happening, I am a fair business person and I was at the time President of the Home Builders of Greater Little Rock, and in good standing,  imagine as a leader having to deal with this, I am ok about being open and let others see my pain, I have do fight hard to not go under, all for a bank to gain on my back.

I contacted Senator Pryor’s office and talked to Bob Russell, Chief of Staff, I am impressed with Bob and he stepped up to the plate and went to bat for me, with the help of a staffer we worked out the called loan and let me assure you it was not easy! Thanks Bob Russell for standing up and keeping in touch with me. I kept in touch with Lincoln’s office and they fielded my calls, just no results!

Now today I find a video with U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich a D from Ohio, who is doing a good job in this video. I am sure many of his constituents are hurting and this video shows why, Please watch this video and see that the fed is paying banks NOT to put money on Main Street. This is a fraud and causing hurt to middle class. If the fed opened the banks to Main Street we would be recovering and making money and  then be able to start hiring people. NO they are holding back the funds on purpose. What the video.

Wow, now I have to ask you an important question. We all believed that this government would do what is best for we the people. Do you think that this is best? Now if they are doing this to hurt our ability to gain work and make money, my question is do you have faith in this government to have your best interest in your health care.

Here is another video I would like for you to watch. This is how our government wants to control us as they are with controlling the money on Main Street. We have a government that is after your freedom and our power. Yes we the people control the government and they want our power over them removed, they are taking action to hurt us and put us in need of their help, this is a takeover and we need to yell very loud and with our vote, take your hands off our Country.

This is where we are headed in this video. Watch!!

Now my question is, when is enough, enough!!! Say no to a Government take over of Main Street and Health Care, tell this Administration to get your hands off our Country!!


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