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Pulaski County Quorum Court Update

I attended the July 28 meeting of the Pulaski County Quorum Court meeting, because I wanted to start getting involved in local government. As a citizen and a member of The Pulaski County Tea Party, I wanted to find out what is happening at this level of government. I called my JP, Doug Reed, and asked if there would be any items on the agenda that I should be aware of. He told me about a rate increase on trash pickup in the rural districts.
I am not against covering the costs for a service, but what I learned from Doug is that there is a question that needed to be asked. Why are we suddenly, this year, losing $100,000 a month on trash pickup in the rural districts, when we weren’t losing the money last year? Does anyone care that the only remedy offered to take care of this loss is a rate increase? And a 24% increase at that!
Granted, there hasn’t been a rate increase in a few years. However, when Doug Reed asked for a Profit and Loss Statement, (it is my understanding), the other JP’s who don’t have rural trash pickup, were not interested in having a study done to see why we are losing so much money. It appeared to me that the vote came down on the side of not providing the report.
JP Green did report that he would support the increase. I guess he may know more than the others about profit and loss, just to allow a 24% increase in his district. I am in favor of covering expenses, but it seems to me that a 24% rate increase would create a major surplus in short order, and I don’t know where the extra money would go, after repaying the General Fund. When I was asked if I thought that a yearly rate increase to cover costs would be better than a large increase at one time, I had questions.
Would good government practices be used, would they be up front, and could we review the contracts to see that the deals accepted were the best ones?
I still want to know why we are losing money this year, if we did well last year, even with higher gasoline prices, and there has been no major change other than an increase in Landfill charges of about $1.10.
I would like to see a Profit and Loss Statement, as Doug Reed requested. It should be in a readable format that is understandable. If not a Profit and Loss Statement, then I’d like an audit to give “We the people” a look into the reason for the huge increase in costs. A little transparency goes a long way.

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Pulaski County Tea Party Meeting

Not sure how many people would attend the first ever Pulaski County Tea Party at Copeland’s restaurant, we started gathering in the meeting room as more and more people arrived . Todd Sharp and I called a meeting to get started sharing our vision of how to make a difference in Pulaski County, State and Nation.  More and more people started arriving until we had to open up an extra room for the numbers of people attending.

Over 50 people arrived and signed in, we had many who were first time visitors to a Tea Party meeting, others were from difference counties.

Todd started the meeting and introduced me and I began to give the updated overview of Arkansas Unite and how the coalition  structure is set up. I talked about many issues to bring the people up to speed and Todd talked about local issues and how we can be apart of change in local government.

I would like to thank all that attended. We had sheets of committees to join and many shared their interest of getting involved.

At this meeting we announced that American for Prosperity will have a bus tour around the State of Arkansas and end the tour in Little Rock. The Pulaski County Tea Party is proud to be the Host of the Little Rock stop at the State Capital steps on August 26.  More updates to follow.

Want more information about Pulaski County Tea Party.

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