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So let’s try it this way?

I am amazed at how the supposed experts are NOT getting it right!!! Why is it that the free market or Capitalism is getting treated like a step child?

In Small business are the jobs being shed. But big government thinks that hiring more people in government positions will fix the problem.

I am not an expert at big business but just looking at how big government handled GM is weird. For example, they had to first throw Billions of dollars out the window before the bankruptcy. Then in looking to expand jobs, they cut jobs and get protection under the bankruptcy law, not to pay other “too small to save” business that tried to work with GM.

Could we some how get the US Government to follow such rules and be reviewed as if the government was a business. The collectors would be breaking down the doors and demanding payment for the credit hanging out there.

What ever happen to pay as you go? Limited government. Create a system where small business can grow and not have the control of big government limiting lending to Main Street. The tarp was for Main Street, but then the ideal of taking advantage of a crisis gave this administration the change to “buy” America. How is that possible, and unfair, a government elite printing money out of thin air and having the American people taxed to do so! What is wrong with this picture.

I was working on a project that required more then $10 Million dollars to fund. I started calling in this tight economic environment to see if this amount of funds are out there. I had a response from AIG! The person on the phone was nice and we did not meet their requirements. What was their requirements? They had Millions of dollars, but wanted to buy from motivated sellers, better then 60% off market value! :Yes, a company that we bailed out is now buying from companies who are hurting from their screw up!!! and with our money!!!!! I am frickin shocked, I even receive a payment schedule of commission if I found such a business or property and sent it their way.

They have between $10-300 Million dollars to invest in a bad economy that they created but can have a fast close! So if you are in trouble due to the financial melt down and need to sell, AIG is buying.


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  1. Bob, Haven’t seen you on for a bit. Just checking in. I am sure you are aware that former Green Beret and Arkansas US Senate as an Indy Trevor Drown who spoke at a Tea Party event in Russellville started a grassroots cybersite

    Comment by Skip Rutherford | August 1, 2009 | Reply

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