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So let’s try it this way?

I am amazed at how the supposed experts are NOT getting it right!!! Why is it that the free market or Capitalism is getting treated like a step child?

In Small business are the jobs being shed. But big government thinks that hiring more people in government positions will fix the problem.

I am not an expert at big business but just looking at how big government handled GM is weird. For example, they had to first throw Billions of dollars out the window before the bankruptcy. Then in looking to expand jobs, they cut jobs and get protection under the bankruptcy law, not to pay other “too small to save” business that tried to work with GM.

Could we some how get the US Government to follow such rules and be reviewed as if the government was a business. The collectors would be breaking down the doors and demanding payment for the credit hanging out there.

What ever happen to pay as you go? Limited government. Create a system where small business can grow and not have the control of big government limiting lending to Main Street. The tarp was for Main Street, but then the ideal of taking advantage of a crisis gave this administration the change to “buy” America. How is that possible, and unfair, a government elite printing money out of thin air and having the American people taxed to do so! What is wrong with this picture.

I was working on a project that required more then $10 Million dollars to fund. I started calling in this tight economic environment to see if this amount of funds are out there. I had a response from AIG! The person on the phone was nice and we did not meet their requirements. What was their requirements? They had Millions of dollars, but wanted to buy from motivated sellers, better then 60% off market value! :Yes, a company that we bailed out is now buying from companies who are hurting from their screw up!!! and with our money!!!!! I am frickin shocked, I even receive a payment schedule of commission if I found such a business or property and sent it their way.

They have between $10-300 Million dollars to invest in a bad economy that they created but can have a fast close! So if you are in trouble due to the financial melt down and need to sell, AIG is buying.


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Could America be over?

This is a view that should be looked at. My hope is that this gets you to think and do something to help our country.

How many times do we have to point out that the race is to 2010 or the next election. While the votes are in the majority of Fascism, our constitution is being walked on. Our ONLY hope is to get grassroots and elect new members, we who believe that the value of the constitution is the best instrument that should be followed. We need a strong and supported effort to go after the abuser of the constitution and remove them from office using the power of a vote.

Change you can believe in was the message of Obama=Fascism. Now we know the change, a community organizer now somehow has the ability to rewrite how this country is run? NO. others are steering this ship and the teleprompter fills the empty words to a spoke person in the position of the President.

The take over of our country is in process, and the rest of the world is not buying it. We the people, the government are sleeping while the war is being fought. We the people are behind the power curve here, we still think that the balance of power is at works here. NO way, with the shutting down of any voice that does not agree and passage of spending and laws that will soon lead to removal of personal rights and even the right to disagree await over the horizon just out of sight. That battle in the war of taking over our Country is just one of the battles waiting as the plans will be so apparent as the reader of the future read the takeover of freedom in America.

Yes I have seen the rise and fall of America in my life time, denial is about over and the fact is setting in. America is no longer for the free.

As I watch voices yell as loud as is possible only to fall to the ground, in this anointed power of mindless followers of a belief in the savior of the masses. As power is yielded to his very wishes, of removing a president of a company and not a word is said,to whatever he wishes!!

I can say now I have seen the spirit of the anti Christ enter into our world, Bill Clinton walked in this power,but must give up the title of slick to our current leader Obama=Fascism.

The next step after the fall of America which has to happen, America can not be a player in the story of the end, the story is bigger then America, the story is Israel. In order for the real powers that be, will focus the attention on the fall of Israel and the control of the Holy City. In order for the ability to move in that direction, minor issues of the fall of America and yielded to the UN is a process that just will happen, Then the gathering and shifting of nations to form the demise of Israel. How will this happen, unsure of the total details, but could go down as Israel and Palestine will settle into an agreement of unity in one government, for peace sake, only once in agreement to break that agreement when in government to vote out the freedom of Israel.

Why do I think this? Look at our country. Did this not happen with us and the fall of the Constitution? The slippery slope into this stage of upcoming events looks as if they can not run fast enough to the stage and usher in this event.

As America is sleeping worrying about money the bigger picture is the control, the control of power. Power to remove the influence that would prevent what has to happen in the middle east. Yes this story lies over in Israel, but with the short sighted views of the average citizens who only wish for the instant gratification, a minor problem for the overall flow to focus on the end results of finding our selfs as a non player in the future event that are sure to come.

So the fall of the ability to support Israel both morally, finance and troops we will watch as the turns of events move to a one government in Israel and Palestine and then the big battle of battles to follow.

Grab some popcorn while we do not do anything to prevent what will happen. So pop your popcorn and see what will happen..

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