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Calling it like it is

There is this big 800 lb gorilla in the room. This gorilla has been here now for over 100 days. Let’s talk about this and get to work about getting him to back off, and get out.

Many people have married someone and not really learned everything about who they married, they fell in love and wished for the perfect life, now as you awake you find him snoring, and when you get up, he is a messy house keeper, the lists grows, now you realize, oops, you made a mistake, but you “loved” him now you are not sure considering the actions, if maybe you made a BIG mistake.

This is where we are at. Many who voted for him, in love are awaking and finding our country falling under the control of a government. A government that is in you face taking control.

A good example of a government acting too quickly and wise, was the resent swine flu, this helped and showed a preventive move. The banking committee on the other had been busy setting up a collapse. Much like anarchy thugs raiding the land, the people of the land cry for safety and ask for a government to protect, the only one to give protection is the very thugs that caused the anarchy and raiding.

Now a government has step across its limits, our country founding fathers weighted out the types of governments systems and found a republic to rule. Very limited government to not control the people. We in the USA were give this gift to live in a free country, now our freedom is being taken over by a group of thugs and con men who are not following this law of the limited government according to our Constitution.

Here we find ourselves, the very thugs who caused this problem acting just like the anarchism thugs allowing the economics to crash and do nothing to fix it, in hopes to be called to come to the rescue. Only to offer a new fix under a different way in “remaking” our country.

Yes I am talking both parties. But the Congress has had control in one party for awhile and the planning has been back to all that are up there. Playing good guy vs. bad guy is like a con man selling you a lemon car at a shady used car lot and the salesman and the manager play good guy, bad guy on you. The counter to that gambit is to say, “You’re not playing good guy, bad guy on my are you? Now everything you say I contribute to the manager and what the manager says I contribute to you.”

The game of good guy bad guy is defused and we blame all that is up there, so back off on that one. ONCE and for ALL.

Con men and greed, the elite of a few to control the masses.

You know this is not following the intent of our Constitution and it is time for leaders to stand up with the same convictions of Obama, cause over reelection. He has a window and is pushing so much change that we need a leader to call him out in debate and give details.

A national debate on the direction of our country backed with “facts and details and examples” of where it has worked. No time limit on the debate, on National TV for all to see and hear the overall plan. This is the first step to expose the agenda of failure.

Yes Obama is after failure and falling from our Constitution, I will not argue over the type of “ism” he wants but I will say he has stepped over the limit of limited government in the Constitution.

If we debunk his plan for what it is and the proof of the inflation and taxes coming our way, the people will go to the local level and make changes in their cities school board, the city boards, JP’s and state level Rep and Senate and finally at the National level.

That is the plan. All government is local. As a new activist wanting to take a country our parents gave us and as Stewarts to give to our kids, I have a problem, I don’t want my kids to be given large debt, a failed country, and no hope of a better tomorrow.

Contact American Majority website and get free training for being an activist and how to run for local office.

We have tools to make a difference and if we give 30 minutes per day to our Country to make it better by blogging, and learning how to write letters to our elected, and get involved in groups to show the elected we can flood the phone system, and find people who agree with you only to register to vote. We can win at the local level first.

Feel the empowerment of being active in fighting for your country. Get involved and be an activist you will find you can and will get their attention FAST.


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